Sex on mainstream tv often involves a couple stumbling (usually drunkenly) into a bedroom, clothes ripped off, lots of making out and a few shots of the two climaxing together. Usually, it’s in a dark room, or with ~romantic dim lighting and the camera fades to black once it’s over. Misfits chose to do the exact opposite. Simon didn’t dim the lights before he lead Alisha to his Bed of Seduction™, he didn’t rip off her clothes and attack her. They were in a bright room - almost too bright - with florescent lights overhead. They took it slow (as slowly as two sexy people with the hots for each other can take it) and it wasn’t all over in 2 seconds. I always joke about Simon “going downtown”, but the truth is, not only was it one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve ever seen, it was also really refreshing to see a man give oral. It’s actually kinda sad that it’s not shown more often. (Think of all the controversy ‘Blue Valentine’ got over their 5 second oral scene.) It’s a nice change to have it be about the woman; her needs, her desires, her enjoyment. Judging by the way Alisha looked when he started kissing his way down her body, she wasn’t expecting it either but she thoroughly enjoyed it! ;)

[As a side note, I really want to know how Iwan & Antonia filmed this scene over and over and didn’t get turned on. I MEAN, REALLY, NOW.]

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