KIM CROSBY. Trinidad-born, Toronto-based artist Kim Crosby is a queer survivor, multidisciplinary artist, activist, consultant, facilitator and educator who has plumbed society’s inequalities and transformed her experiences into potent tools for empowerment. Dazzlingly accomplished even at a young age, Crosby began her artistic journey at Canada’s Anitafrika Theatre and toured internationally with her one-woman play, Hands in My Cunt. Praise soon followed; Crosby has been recognized by Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada as one of its Top 100 Changemakers, named one of 12 Cultural Champions by the City of Toronto, and lauded for her anti-racism activism by numerous groups.

Today Crosby is a core member of T-Dot Renaissance, a collective of emerging artists of color; and a part of the nationally touring Les Blues group, an ensemble of black queer folks committed to decolonization through performance. She is the co-founder of The People Project, a movement of queer and trans folks of color toward empowerment through alternative education and activism; and the NYC-based Brown Grrlz Project of “femme of center” individuals. “It’s not our differences that separate us, it is our inability to embrace and respect difference,” Crosby affirms. “Freedom does not come at the expense of another group of people. We must fight for each other; it’s either all of us or none of us.” (via GO Magazine - 100 Women We Love)

An amazing human being, I tell you. Follow her @ queergiftedblack. She also posts with me @ realcanadianhistory. Also here: thepeopleprojectto &  thebrownggrrlzproject

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    “It’s not our differences that separate us, it is our inability to embrace and respect difference. Freedom does not come...
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